IELTS Payments and info for Request for Services

Pay for OSR / EOR / Courier Services / Etc

For IELTS related requests and Services

A test taker can request for some additional services by contacting ILTTS by an email to

Please note that all requests are subject to IELTS policies as well as Terms and Conditions agreed to at the time of registration.

Some of the common services are listed below.

  1. If you feel you have not received the results as expected, you have the option to re-mark your test by requesting Enquiry on Results (EOR) (to re-evaluate the test)
  2. If you wish to improve the score for one component of the test you can request a One Skill Retake or OSR. (Please make sure the receiving organization will accept OSR score. The resposibility to check with the receiving organization is with the Test Taker.)
  3. Request to send Additional Test Report Forms (TRF) to any recognizing organization can also made using the prescribed form.
  4. Sending your results by courier services by request
  5. Request a test date transfer

You can request the appropriate form, fill them up and send to and pay for the service. For more information or to know fees for Services please contact us.

Pay by

Interac E-Transfer


Or pay with your credit card using the link below

Pay for Services

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